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Welcome to DeSigner Barber & Stylist School! Please complete the following application to apply.
Your application will be reviewed, and you will be interviewed. Acceptance will be based on interview, application, and financial aid available. You will be notified if your application has been accepted. Thank you for your interest in our school! Please complete the application to the best of your ability.

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By clicking "submit" I give permission for DeSigner Barber & Stylist School to run a background check to check for felonies before I begin school. I understand, if admitted, that I do have the right to purchase my own equipment with the exception of the shirts and jacket. If I choose to exercise that right, I understand the tI must have all the equipment purchased and on my person on the first day of school. If I purchase my own supplies and books the charges for items I purchased will not be added to my bill.
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