Campus Security Disclosure

The Campus Security Act ( Public Law  I 02-26) requires postsecondary  institutions to disclose the number of instances  in  which certain specific types  of crimes have  occurred  in  any building  or on  any property  owned  or controlled  by this  institution  which  is  used  for activities  related  to  the  educational  purpose   of  the  institution  and/or  any  building  or  property  owned  or  controlled  by   student organizations  recognized  by  this  institution.  In compliance  with  that  law the following  reflects  this  institution’s  crime  statistics  for the period between   1/1/2013 and   12/31/2015. (Three most completed calendar year,).

See attached  map  for the  campus  which  includes  outlines  of the  building  and  parking  Jots  students  use  while attending- classes  at DeSigner Barber & Stylist School.

Note: In complying with the crime statistical reporting requirements. DeSigner   Barber & Stylist School provides a map to current and prospective students and employees that depict its campus. DeSigner Barber & Stylist School does not have non-campus buildings or property. nor do they have public property areas.

The following criminal offenses. published each year and must be reported no later than October I of each year. include any crime statistics that occurred  on campus during the previous three calendar year periods.